Gallery - Olive & Pearls


Some of our amazing clients !

Another Olive in Pearls!


Therapy Dogs in Pearls!


Love this cute little Diva!

Lola in her namesake collar!

What a face!😍


Glenda in our "Belle" Collar!

Junebug shows us we can have it all!!

How cute are Pearl and Lilly?!?! Too cute!!!

Hashlee shows some serious style! #pawsomepits

Chloe says “100 pictures is plenty mom!”

Peaches knows she looks great in her “Barbara” Collar!

Samoa is perfect in her double strand pearls!

Francine in the "Maggie" collar

Ally shows her school spirit in her "Alabama Roll Tide" collar

Hashlee gives us one of her signature smiles!

Beautiful Belle in the "Donatella"

Gracie is a vision in her "Donantella" collar

Lucy in her "Lucy" collar!

Maybelline shows us her "Meana" collar!

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